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Date: November 21, 2013 Author: admin Categories: Parent´s Association

Why is there a membership fee?

Dear Parents! „They were sooo funny!“ Did your child also enjoy the recent  Danny and Gerry concert at our school? The idea for the concert came from one of our school’s Parent Representatives. This project was only possible thanks to close cooperation with school  management, and the support of our Head Teacher Frau Freyler and all of our classroom teachers. Half the cost of the performance (450 Euro) was funded by the Parent’s Association.

And this concert is only one example of the successful school partnership in ‚our’ Danube City school. As members of the Parent’s Association we are happy to volunteer our time for the school, organizing the buffet and child care…Read full letter

Your child, the class, and the entire Danube City School community benefits from the support of the Parent’s Association – and you can help, too, simply by payment of the 18 Euro PA membership fee!

IBAN: AT91 2011 1000 3647 1011 / BIC: GIBAATWWXXX

Account holder: Elternverein d. VS Donaucity

Designated Use: name of child and class

We kindly request payments to be made via online banking if possible – it saves unnecessary extra fees!