School-logo branded articles for sale

One part of the work of the PA is to acquire articles (for example sweaters, t-shirts, drinking bottles, hats, etc) with the school logo and — for the purposes of fund raising — sell them.

100% of the proceeds from the sales, as all other revenues, are used in the support of the school (for example, the library, instructional materials) and the students (for example, outings, Social Funds).

If you want to by an article out of our collection, please go to the office of the school director, Mrs. Freyler — she has got samples of most articles and, if you wish, can immediately sell them to you.

The current collection comprises the following articles:

Cap 12–
T-Shirt (blue) 10,-
Sweatshirt (blue) 18,-
Sweater with hood (blue) 20,-
Sweater with hood & Zip (blue) 20,-
Drinking bottle (blue, silver) 7,-