What is the Parent´s Association?

The Parents’ Association of the VS Donau-City is - Legal Notice - the interface between the students/parents and the school and the general public, as well as the public authorities.

The Parents’ Association maintains a social welfare fund for the support of families in need.

The Parents’ Association is a voluntary organization. It is made up of parents like you, those who want to take part in the decision making process, and know that through cooperation, more can be accomplished.

The Parents’ Association of the VS Donau-City is financed through member contributions, charitable contributions, fund raising and selected activities. The funds are used for instructional materials, support of specific activities, as well as support for families in financial need.

The annual general meeting is normally in September. At that meeting the officers (Chairman, Secretary, Auditor and Treasurer) are elected. It is important that all parents, who are interested in officially supporting their children in school, come to the meeting and take part in the elections. You also have the opportunity to present yourself as a candidate for one of the positions, and thus to help decide which direction, looking forward, the Parents’ Association should emphasize.

The Parents’ Association is made up of parents such as yourself.

Our primary interest is to give our children the best possible start in life, through our input into an active educational support structure.

Clearly, a group of parents can reach more than one individual, and this is why it is so important that as many parents as possible join the Parents’ Association, and support its activities.

Together, we can achieve change and work towards solutions in the event of problems. If problems arise between students and their teachers, it will be simpler to solve them if we cooperate.

We also help the school by buying teaching materials which the school can not afford: Books for the class, equipment for the sports hall, or material for projects.

We make contributions towards the improvement of the information flow between parents and the school (the educational system), between the child and the teacher.

An important part of our work is guaranteeing that disadvantaged families have the same opportunities to take part in school activities. Our Social Fund supports those by financing activities such as school weeks or school trips. We hope that families will take advantage of this.

In order to offer this benefit, we need your support! Currently, membership dues are 18,— Euros per year (per family). Additionally, your time and energy are needed — many meetings and activities would not be possible without your donations and voluntary assistance!

Our Fundraising activities include the sale of articles that are branded with the shool’s logo. The children enjoy the products (e.g. Sweater, caps, drinking bottles etc.), which contribute to the feelings of community.

We look forward to welcoming you at our meetings, and hope that you support us in our activities.

How can you help?

Naturally, we look forward to any sort of help, and also your ideas.

Contact us when you have any questions or suggestions: elternvereindonaucity@gmail.com

We also have a Discussion Forum for your questions, desires or ideas on how to help.

Best regards,

The Officers of the Parents’ Association of the VS Donau-City